Smart Mobile Camera Cable

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Smart Mobile Camera Cable

Smart Camera Endoscopic Cable is a new electronic cable with six led lights and camera that can connect to Andriod cell phones and laptops to get live view and take pictures or record any unreachable area by human eye. It can be used to check and inspect, Industrial pipelines, Car engines chassis, petrol tanks, etc, you can use it for search and rescue, water tanks, over false ceiling, electrical wiring ducts, sewer inspection, AC inspections, telecom fiber cut inspections cast mold in wall inspection.

- Camera pixels: 300000
- Resolution: 640 * 480 (VGA) / 30 frames
- Lens angle: 54 degrees
- Diameter: 7 mm
- Length: 2 meters
- Handle length: 20 cm 
- Lights: Six white adjustable led lights
- Focus lighting brightness: Max 850 Lux (10 cm)
- Lens waterproof level: IP67
- Working temperature: - 20 to 45 degrees
- Close products (SF) stadia: 6cm to infinite
- Use the platform: Android system windows2000/win xp/vista/win7/win8

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