Non Contact Thermometer - 1 Month Warranty

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Non-contact Infrared Thermometer - 1 Month Warranty

Non-contact Infrared Thermometer
Ideal for babies and elders
1. Resolution 0.1℃(0.1°F)
2. Storage temperature 0℃-50℃(32°F~122°F)
3. Operation temperature 10℃~40℃(50°F~104°F)
4. Relative humidity ≤85%
5. Power DC 3V(2*AAA batteries not included)
6. Dimension 195*107*50MM
7. Weight Gross 300g, Net 137g
8. Measurement range in human body mode 32.0℃- 42.5℃
9. Measurement range in surface mode 0~100℃
10.Precision in human body mode ±0.3℃(0.45°F)
11. Precision in surface mode ±1.0℃(33.8°F)
12. Best measurement distance within 5cm (2 inch)
13. Time to automatic shut down 8 seconds
14. LCD Backlight
15.Use in body temperatue, water / milk / food/ liquid temperature, object surface temperature, room / environment temperature etc.

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