Wifi On/Off Switch - 1 Month Warranty

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kankun Smart Wifi On/Off Switch - 1 Month Warranty

It is a very useful and simple Wi-Fi smart plug that will turn your house into a smart house. 
It acts like a remote control, designed for home appliances to be used by your mobile phone. 


• Control your office or home power socket through smart phone anywhere in the world.
• iPhone and Android system supported, covering almost all smart phones.
• Great power saving device.
• Can schedule timer to set the time and multiple timing tasks.
• Configuration is very simple.
• Best Wi-Fi module from Texas Instruments, certified by the U.S. FCC, IC certification in Canada, and the European ETSI authentication.
• Tested more than one hundred thousand times at 2400 watts of power more than three months.
• Can also work as a wireless repeater, Timer Switch, Delay Switch and Remote Control switch.
• Flame Resistant outer control for better durability.
Current rating          10A  
Voltage rating          90V-265V  
Frequency rating     50HZ-60HZ
Power rating            2200w
Temperature range  -10°C ~ 55°C  
Voltage range           90V-265V AC
Net weight               75g
Package weight       147g
Package Size          76 x 76x 60mm

Package Includes:
1 x Smart socket plug.
1 x Three to two pin plug converter.
1 x QR code mobile app download.

YouTube Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dd-9TbfauW4

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